Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

Dated: 04/23/2019

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Things You Should NEVER Post on Social MediaKurt Real Estate

The Internet is public. So even when you think you are posting something privately, a friend could share or screen shot your post. Once it is in the internet-ether, it is out of your control and potentially can be used against you. This is especially important in a job search. Even though a future employer (assuming they are not the government) may not be able to access your private posts, it is common to begin including coworkers as future friends. They will have access to your stuff.

With that in mind, here is a list of things you should never post on social media:

Data tied to your personal and financial security — 
It's never a good idea to post your home address, your telephone number, your birth year, your mother's maiden name, or any other information that a criminal could use to steal your identity. All of the information that you post online makes it easy enough for a determined attacker to steal your identity, so protect yourself.
Your travel plans — 
It's also never a good idea to intentionally announce to the world when you're planning to be out of town and leaving your house vacant. Criminals are increasingly watching social networks to figure out when they can target potential victims. Most people would prefer not to return home from that skiing trip or tropical cruise to find out that they've been robbed.
Negative opinions about your job/employer/boss/professor — 
Even after the most frustrating of days, it's never a good idea to complain about your workplace or your job online. Not only will friends who are unemployed or underemployed think that you're being ungrateful for the job that you've managed to land, but it can also get you into trouble with your employer — who may find it easier to stumble onto your post than you think.

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Distinctive Strategies that Deliver Record-Setting Results When you combine Kurt’s passion and knowledge of the real estate market, you really gain an appreciation for what makes Kurt different. Bu....

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