Which Home Renovations You Should Splurge On

Dated: 09/11/2019

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It's the question every homeowner and seller has - what should I spend my money on? When it comes to owning a home, managing your money can be difficult with unforeseen repairs and, of course, the improvements every homeowner seeks to make over time. If you're currently in your forever home and there's a 99.9 percent chance this home is your last, then do what you want with it. But, for most of us, the potential of moving (relocating, downsizing, upgrading) is always in the cards for us...and we have the answers on how you should spend your home improvement dollars.

1. Wood Floors

Spending money on hardwood floors, or better yet, wood-style luxury vinyl plank (LVP), is worth the investment. Nothing beats the warmth and richness of wood floors. They are timeless. Not to mention, maintenance is much more cost effective than alternatives like carpet. Carpet stains and wears quickly warranting replacement. Never-mind the fact that most buyers today don't want carpet. However, with luxury vinyl plank, your floors could outlast your time in the home. It is waterproof, scratch, and stain resistant and (good quality LVP) looks like real hardwood! If you want to spend a little more for the luxury of real wood floors, any scratches or stains that may occur with age can always be refinished.

2. Appliances

Most of us use our kitchen appliances every day and our washer/dryer at least once or twice a week. Having quality appliances is important. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend thousands for the top-of-the-line, chef-rated Viking 6-burner stove, but do some research on the products before you purchase them. Appliances are a large cost, but you'll be happy you spent a little more for something of quality that will last rather than dealing with the headache of a never-working appliance.

3. Cabinets

Opening and closing cabinets numerous times a day causes significant wear. The minute your cabinets start to look worn it can detract from the entire room. Spend the extra bucks on investing in quality cabinets. They will be more aesthetically pleasing and will last you far longer than the cheaper alternative. 

4. Countertops

Nothing screams outdated like old, beat-up countertops. Again, our countertops are something we use multiple times a day. They do take a beating over the years and if you settle for a faux stone or some other alternative, you will start to notice that wear quickly. Worn counters can make the whole house seem dated. Invest the money in quality countertops. Like the flooring and cabinetry, they will last you far longer and will look much better.

5. Statement Lighting

One statement chandelier or light fixture can change the tone of an entire room.  A bold light fixture will quickly become the focal point of any room. It sets the style and adds sophistication so spend the time and money to find something that will create the ambiance you seek in your home.

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