8 Reasons A REALTOR® Will Ease Your Home Purchase

Dated: 01/23/2019

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In today's world of tech-savvy consumers, many homebuyers may think they can go it alone. Though the public does have access to listings in the MLS now with broad syndication to sites like Zillow, the one thing most homebuyers don't have is experience. They may have bought a home or two in the past, but this hardly counts as experience. Take any other job as an example. No matter what the profession, cooking burgers or negotiating multi-million dollar business deals, one or two does not qualify as experience. You need someone that is vested in your best interests. Before you say that you'll just go to the listing agent, consider this...

You're in a car accident and you're found at fault. The other involved party claims injury and sues you. Would you hire their attorney as your defense? Though dual agency is legal in California, there is no doubt it can become a conflict of interest. Buying a home, whether it's your first or your fifth, is a large purchase. It's the largest purchase most people make in their lives. It requires a certain degree of knowledge regarding the real estate market and the law. There is much more to a real estate transaction than most homebuyers realize. This is why, when you use a bad realtor, you most certainly left soured by the experience.

It's important when you decide to buy a home that you do your research and interview agents. Do not go it alone. You'll either be left feeling sorry you did or you won't even know what money you may have left on the table. Here are the 8 reasons why a buyer's agent makes everything easier for you as a homebuyer...

1. Knowing the market inside and out. A good agent knows the market. It's that simple. There is only so much you can learn about the market by looking at houses online. A buyer's agent knows the gritty details of different neighborhoods. They know the things you can't find on the internet.

2. Wanting the right house, not just a house. The best agents are the ones that understand their buyers wants and needs. They can identify what main benefits their buyers are looking for in a home and they make it their priority to find them a house that meets those needs. This does not mean all buyer's agents are this way. As in any sales related profession, there are people out there that just want to sell you something, This is why it is so important you make step 1 of your buying process interviewing agents. The right agent will want you in the right home and they will help you understand what that might look like if you're lacking direction.

3. Being a shoulder during a stressful process. If you've ever bought a house before, then you know it is a stressful process. With any large investment, comes financial stress. Add to that the unexpected parts of a transaction. There's almost always something that comes up that neither side expected. It's emotionally draining. That's why you have an agent there to help you through it. They can best advise you how to overcome any bumps in the road and they will be your shoulder to lean on when things may get a little tough. A good agent sometimes feels like a therapist in a way.

4. Advising you on your offer. Your buyer's agent will have experience writing numerous offers. They know what it takes to get you the home and, if they're a true expert, they know the purchase contract inside and out. The best of the best know how to write a strong offer in areas other than price to save you the most on the home. Buyer's agents understand every last dime counts. The more they can save you on the purchase price is the more they save you on interest, taxes, insurance, etc. They aim to put more money in your pocket.

5. Protecting your rights throughout the process. Your buyer's agent is your human shield. They are the ones that will point out defects, recommend home pros who can handle the fixes, and, most importantly, they protect you from being taken advantage of.  They will go to bat for you to negotiate repairs after a home inspection and they will get multiple bids for you to find you the best contractors for any improvements you might be handling yourself.

6. Fighting for you if a contract goes south. Not every real estate contract is a great one and not every offer is meant to last. People change their minds or discover something in the process. This is why there are parts of the contract in place to protect a buyer's rights. In the event that something does happen, your agent will know what to fight for and will protect you every step of the way, down to the minute details like appliances that should be included or repairs that were improperly done. 

7. Spotting value you may not see. Once you identify your budget and the main benefits you are looking for in your home, a buyer's agent will help you to identify potential in something you may have overlooked. Again, experienced agents have been through plenty of remodels, renovation and conversion projects to give you the vision you sometimes need.

8. Serving you even after closing. The relationship with your buyer's agent doesn't end with you closing escrow on the property. They're around for any of your post move-in needs. They'll recommend a good painter, decorator, plumber etc. Find something in the home you weren't expecting? They can get in touch with the right person for you. The best buyer's agent is your agent for life.

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