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Dated: 12/21/2017

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Shockingly enough, many of us don't know our own neighbors! 33 percent of us don't even know their names. Unfortunately, with the dawn of social media, technology, and ever changing demographics, neighborliness is fading away. Only 44 percent of Millennials know their neighbors. That's just 6 percent shy of the Gen Xers. 

I remember the days of block parties, Fourth of July neighborhood BBQs, and progressive dinners. When the neighbors' kids were all friends and streets were filled with more children and bikes than cars. No doubt, today is much different than just 20 years ago, but love them or hate them, we're stuck with our neighbors and it's good to get to know them for a few reasons. 

When going out of town, your neighbors can ensure the safety of your house. The last thing you want when you're away is to call attention to the fact that the home is empty with garbage cans lingering outside or newspapers and mail piling up. Neighbors can do this for you. If something unusual were to happen to your property or you were in some sort of dyer situation (in need of medical help), your neighbors are truly the first responders. 

Make friends with your neighbors. Get to know their names, their kids names, their pets, and when they're around or when they may be out of town. Spend some time getting to know each other. 80 percent of us don't currently do this even though we all live together! We're not saying become best friends, but just lend a hand. You'll be glad you did when they return the favor.

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